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Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Review

Released sometime in 2008, the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is an exercise station designed for the upper as well as lower parts of the body. It has five workout stations that target the chest, quads, and arms. It is the best choice for those who want to do vigorous and strength workouts. With this station you can do very many exercises such as leg raises, dips, knee raises and pull ups. It is currently one of the best selling workouts on the market because it comes in handy with great features that make working out more convenient and easy to do.

Things to know before buying any Power Tower

Need to know some important things about the best Power tower

1) It should have a slip-resistant grip.
This workout station has a multi-grip chin that is adjustable to allow for a good and a deeper body workout that targets mainly the triceps and back. The grip should also be slip free to ensure that the user holds on to a strong grip and are height adjustable in order to satisfy the needs of both short and tall people.

2) Has comfortable cushions.
It should have padded cushions that offer the user safety and comfort during exercise because it protects the arms and back throughout.

3) It has a dip station.
This workout station has a dip part in the station that enables the legs to get raised to enable the user workout the quads very well plus the abdominal parts. This is an important feature to ensure that all the parts of the body are exercised.

4) It is easy to set up and very stable.
The station can be used almost anywhere because of its simple design it boasts a very strong base that can support people with a weight of up to 250 pounds. It is generally the best way to do some vigorous exercise at home without the need to use weights.

Conclusion :

Most users who used this product were satisfied with its performance, which has made it be among the top sellers. It allows for plenty of exercises at home that can save you from going to the gym. It weighs only 64 pounds and has measurements of 43 by 42 by 85 inches. Thus, it does not take up much of your space at home and comes with a silver rod. It is very affordable and is a good product for those who love to exercise in the middle of the day while at home.

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