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Body Rider Elliptical is affordable to buy, and it does not need electricity to run.  The machine is excellent for those who need low-impact workouts, and it is very easy to use in where you need to take an bike exercise.  It is a great bike for every beginners level person. Its design on the sense of your full body exercise so that you no need to go to any gym, the Body Rider Elliptical~ BR1830 Dual-Action Fan Elliptical Trainer that operates with no electricity needed.  Its settings are totally adjustable by changing the resistance level with a simple turn of a small knob.  You can able to monitoring your workouts progress on its digital display that can easily controlled and shows on the monitor  the workout duration time, Ride distance, and the number of calories burned.  Its body made with solid frame steel  that also make effective exercise that you need for your workout and supportive riders on on your gym.


  •  Designed with the resistance Chain driven fan  is quiet and smooth
  • The Resistance System are Adjust with adjusting frictional knob
  • Motion provide and upper and lower body workouts level display
  • Multi-functional console-level  shows time, speed, distance and calories out during per workouts session on the display

Watch the video to know the guide to get you started with this Elliptical Trainer

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