Best Yoga Equipment’s for daily workouts


Buying Guide and Review of Best Yoga Equipment’s

Yoga is a great way to gain strength, to improve flexibility, and to relax. Incorporating yoga into your life can improve your health and your overall well-being. But, just like any other type of exercise, you need to chose the best Yoga equipment’s.

Let’s start off with the yoga mat. A yoga mat is the probably the most essential part of doing yoga. You need a mat that is firm, yet will give you the support you need.

These three mats are fantastic:

  1. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat ($69.95 – $249.62 )

best yoga equipmentThis mat is weighty and makes a thud when it hits the studio floor–a sign that you won’t wear it out anytime soon. This also means that it’s not the best mat for travelling. However, I recommend it because it retains an amazing grip even during the sweatiest classes. Plus, if you’re into environmentally friendly products, Jade uses natural rubber and no PVCs. Also, if you buy a saffron colored mat, Jade donates $5 of every purchase to promote autism awareness, research, and education.

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  1. Prana E.C.O. Mat ($47.95 – $157.17)

81bL5aO7-4L._SL1500_This is a five-millimeter pad that is thick on the studio floor. It is one of the best cushioning mats out there. If you buy the pink colored version of this mat, 10% of its sales will go to the Keep a Breast Foundation. It takes some time to break in but it’s so worth it.

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  1. The Lululemon Unmat ($48)

The Lululemon Unmat This mat is perfect for travelling. If you take your yoga mat everywhere, I would highly recommend investing into this mat. It’s not nearly as thick as other yoga mats but it’s still very cushiony and has a great grip on the studio floor. Also, you can use it as a second layer on top of your regular yoga met for extra cushion.

Aside from having a great mat, you should also have nice, stretchy yoga clothes. Here are four brands that have wide selections and beautiful designs.

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  1. Zella

This is Nordstrom’s yoga and active wear brand that offers very affordable prices for both women and men. The Zella PROP program available at Nordstrom’s stores offers members seasonal giveaways and great discounts. 

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  1. Alo Yoga

This company’s high-performance line has great quality and innovation, plus on-tend styling for its local clientele. Based in LA, Alo Yoga has a commitment to excellence as every clothing item is created by a design team of yoga enthusiasts.

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  1. Mika

This company places a lot of emphasis on the differences of everyone’s body and strives to produce products to celebrate them all. They have shorts, capris, tops, and much more.

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  1. Lily Lotus

This brand has the perfect look for a busy woman needing something versatile that can take her from yoga to brunch without having to change. This company designs its garments for a lifestyle of laid back luxury and positivity. Lily Lotus clothing is both comfortable and functional, and also has a colorful twist.

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Don’t forget about bolsters and blocks! These may seem like unnecessary initially, but trust me, they make for a great yoga routine. You will be able to try more positions comfortably and will be able to get the stretch you want and need.

  • Bolsters are long, rounded sacks usually filled with cotton batting.  You can use them to lean on while doing certain poses, but you also use them to grab onto during a stretch. They’re very versatile and you can incorporate them into any yoga routine. Buy Now on Amazon
  • Blocks can be used for several things during yoga. You can use blocks to rest your chin on, instead of straining trying not to touch the floor. You can also put blocks in between your limbs during certain poses. They’re not very expensive and they basically last forever. You won’t regret buying one once you see the advantage in using one. Buy Now on Amazon

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your best yoga equipment! Check out these products and brands and decide what’s right for you. Whether or not you’re an avid yoga-doer, or you just enjoy doing yoga occasionally in your spare time, you can never have enough yoga equipment. It’s really fun searching for the right products and seeing what’s out there to buy. Happy shopping!