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Concept2 Model D Best Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

best Indoor Rowing MachineConcept2 Model D is the Best Indoor Rowing Machine is an very popular machine that can be found in most gyms/home.  It’s Air baffles provide resistance to the user.  It has a display to record performance of your workouts. This Rowing is one of the best because it’s selling is high around the world. It’s workout Like as Olympic rowers . Model D rowing machine is designed and fully manufactured so that it can be used efficiently for long life workout.


Machine Details:

  • 14″ Sliding seat Height
  • For reduce noise and make smooth feel it has Air baffles
  • Spiral damper tune the air flow so that you can able to towards the flywheel
  • The Performance monitor designed as to give you the workouts results
  • The Comfortable Handle can be bend 10 degree that helps you to normal hard and arm position
  • Chain plated with Nickel


  • The Manufecturer provides warranty on moving parts and performance monitor for 2 year  &
  •  5-year warranty on the frame as well you can able to use it long life workout without any Machine damage tension.

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